The point of bankruptcy is to give honest, hardworking people a fresh start. The thought of filing a bankruptcy can be very stressful, but if the creditor calls will not stop, or you are concerned about wage garnishments or judgments, bankruptcy might be an option for you, and will actually relieve the stress and pressure that can be overwhelming.

Are you facing foreclosure? Is your car about to be repossessed? Have you been served with papers to appear in Court? These are just some of the reasons to request a free consultation with The Kline Law Firm.

Bankruptcy can often get you back on the right track financially much quicker than you might think. It is an opportunity to wipe out the debt you have incurred and give you a clean slate going forward. Bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure and get you into a Chapter 13 plan that will help catch you up on your mortgage payments. We can help you alleviate the financial stress that has been building, take the pressure off your shoulders and help you begin to rebuild your credit in a responsible manner.

The Kline Law Firm is the best bankruptcy attorney in St Charles and although we specialize in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 filings, we are experts in foreclosures, garnishments and repossessions as well.  Do not hesitate to call us and let us show you the Kline Law difference!