The answer is Yes!  We can stop foreclosures and repossessions dead in their tracks by filing a bankruptcy.

Generally, when people think of filing for a bankruptcy they think of what is known as the “fresh-start bankruptcy.”  This type of bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 filing.  The other type of bankruptcy, a Chapter 13, allows people to save their homes from foreclosure or their cars from repossession.

Many people in the St. Louis and St. Charles area are still suffering the effects of the poor economy.  Some people are still adjusting to the housing market crash and subsequent effects of that.  The St. Louis and St. Charles areas were hit particularly hard by this economic down turn and bankruptcy can help.

Many people have lost their homes to foreclosure and their cars to repossession.  A large amount of those folks did not know that bankruptcy can help stop these life changing events!

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows those in need to stop creditors from seizing their property.  We can actually file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy the day before a foreclosure and stop it in its tracks!  That means that for the clients we serve in St. Louis and St. Charles we can file this type of bankruptcy to save homes and vehicles.

When you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are committing to paying back the amount you are behind on your mortgage or car note.  You will have a monthly payment that you will have to pay every month to the bankruptcy trustee.  This payment is based on what your regular monthly mortgage payment is and how far behind on your mortgage you are.  Most people have between three and five years to be able to get caught up on their mortgage or on their vehicle.

The plan payment can even be setup to come directly out of your paycheck so you would not have to send in the payment yourself.  It happens automatically for you!

Let’s do an example case. John and Jane live in St. Louis and are four months behind on their mortgage for a total of $4000.  Their regular monthly mortgage payment is $1000 every month.  The mortgage company wants to foreclose on their home since they have missed payments.  John and Jane come into The Kline Law Firm and ask for help to stop the foreclosure.  Our attorneys file a case, stop the foreclosure and set them up with a payment plan for five years to get current on their mortgage.  They have to pay $1,240 every month over five years.  This payment includes the normal mortgage payment and the amount they are behind.  John and Jane agree that they want to make the payment directly from their paychecks so they do not have to send in the payment every month.  For five years they simply work and the payment occurs automatically.  At the end of the five years, they just have to continue to make the regular mortgage payment from there on out.  They are completely caught up on the mortgage payments!  John and Jane have saved their house from foreclosure and they are able to continue living there!

Even better, is that it is very affordable to get a Chapter 13 case on file!  The vast majority of your attorney fees are paid out as part of your payment plan and not upfront.  We can file most chapter 13 cases for less than $450 in the St. Louis and St. Charles area!

If you have questions about saving your home or car in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or if you have any other questions related to bankruptcy, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 636-352-2030 or check out our website at We have offices in both St. Charles and St. Louis County and the consultation is always free.